McAfee Antivirus Download: robust antivirus

McAfee developers have a security system to protect you against major threats that are abound on the Internet. The protection of personal information is the cornerstone of this software.


New scanning engines

Accuracy and depth of analysis are the main characteristics of McAfee products. Now they have added more speed and better application performance so that it gives true protection in real-time without affecting system resources. This is intended to save battery life for portable devices and does not affect multitasking operating systems.

Antimalware and advertising

Often the appearance of advertisements with dubious purposes lead users to sites known as brands impostors that can steal personal information. McAfee analyses the site before it starts loading and warns the user about the reputation of the site they are visiting. Its anti-malware protection prevents discharge applications whose purpose is to infect your computer.

A powerful mix of precision, performance and enhanced protection.

  • Adjustable two-way firewall.
  • Advanced antibot Protection.
  • Reports and enhanced reporting.
  • New Home screen.
  • New protection for shopping sites.
  • Smart Filter email for POP and IMAP clients.